Aoife’s kittens update

Aoife with three of her kittens

Aoife with three of her kittens

Aoife’s kittens went to the vets again for their second vaccinations, all seems well.  They have also been booked in for a wee operation next week…

The chocolate tabby and one of the oriental lilacs have homes, the Havana and the other oriental lilac (the one in the photo) are still looking.

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2 comments on “Aoife’s kittens update
  1. gillian orr says:

    I have 2 beautiful, adorable, highly intelligent Burmese female housecats with a large pen in my large garden!. They are aged 14 and 12. I am very keen to introduce another female kitten. I wondered if you might consider me to offer a home to one of your females. I eagerly await your reply !