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Aoife’s kittens update

Aoife’s kittens went to the vets again for their second vaccinations, all seems well.  They have also been booked in for a wee operation next week… The chocolate tabby and one of the oriental lilacs have homes, the Havana and

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Looking for our new homes…

Time flies, and Aoife’s boys are starting to look for their new homes.  There is a Havana, a chocolate tabby, a lilac tabby and two Oriental Lilacs.  The Oriental Lilac girl (green collar) might be staying. They will be regisered,

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Aren’t they lovely when they are asleep?

Aoife’s kittens are getting pretty adventurous and active now when they are awake, so it’s hard to get photos except when they are sleeping. One of them was meowing at the screen door last night as I went to bed,

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We all have homes but…

I’m delighted to be able to say that all of Lola’s kittens now have homes to go to. However if you are still looking for a kitten or kittens, Pina at Athelstan and Sue at Barouska might be able to

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Just the one

The black boys have a home to go to, so just the black girl is still looking…

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Still looking for our new homes…

The black kittens (2 boys, 1 girl) are still looking for new homes…  

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The Black Boys

Got a great photo of the two of them together.  Their black sister is in the background.  This was taken on the 5th July at just over 7 weeks.

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A week old today!

Lola’s kittens are a week old today, and have almost doubled their birth weights.  Eyes are opening and they are all plump and content.  She adores them and was quite agitated as I weighed them this afternoon.  As soon as

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Farewell to all the boys

The boys have gone, starting with Muchty on the 15th October and ending with Ra on the 21st. I took farewell photos of all of them. Eadlin missed them to start with but she seems happy and settled now, especially

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Photos 4th October

More photos of the kittens.  They were all a bit puzzled as to what was going on and are holding their ears down a bit which makes them look super-typey!

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