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What a difference a day (or two) makes!

Found them all sitting up yesterday, and they can all walk a few paces now.  They still fall over if they try to scamper!  I took this photo with my phone and it flashed, hence the evil eyes.  🙂  

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More kitten photos…

Taken yesterday, 5th June.  Since then the purple collar came off.  I couldn’t work out which kitten it had been on, so put a red collar on the first one of the two blacks without collars that came to hand!

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Kitten update 4th June

Kittens are doing well, all still plump & content, and are getting more active.  Managed a lovely photo of them today, no luck with individual photos – they were all blurry and it looked like a giant hand was strangling

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Kitten update 28th May

Lola’s kittens are getting more active, and are all lovely and plump.  I took a few photos yesterday and loved this one as it shows a couple of legs holding on while she feeds them.

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A week old today!

Lola’s kittens are a week old today, and have almost doubled their birth weights.  Eyes are opening and they are all plump and content.  She adores them and was quite agitated as I weighed them this afternoon.  As soon as

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Kitten update at 5 days old

The kittens are all growing well and have all gained at least 9g per day.  Their eyes are just starting to open as well. I think she has three girls (blue, fawn & black) and three boys (cinnamon and two

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Lola’s kittens have arrived

Lola started delivering her second litter just after midnight on the 15th May, and by 4am there were 6 kittens.  I weighed them later in the day and they were from 90g to 110g – big kittens for an Oriental.

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Kittens in the making

To my great delight Lola is pregnant again.  If all goes well her kittens are due on or about the 16th May, and will be ready to leave in mid-late August. The proud daddy is Pan, an Oriental Black who carries

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Collecting Lola from stud

Lola has been at stud this week and I’m collecting her this weekend, the 1st / 2nd February.  If she is pregnant she will have her kittens in the first day or three of April. Colours could be black, blue, cinnamon

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Playing sardines in the radiator bed…

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