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Aren’t they lovely when they are asleep?

Aoife’s kittens are getting pretty adventurous and active now when they are awake, so it’s hard to get photos except when they are sleeping. One of them was meowing at the screen door last night as I went to bed,

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Update on Aoife’s and Eadlin’s kittens

Aoife’s kittens are going from strength to strength and have gained weight really well over the past week.  They are starting to explore which horrifies her!  Below are the final set of ‘scales’ photos. I’ve not said much at all about

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Aoife’s kittens are 3 weeks old

And they are large to massive!  Aoife continues to be a fab mum and is eating a vast amount.

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Aoife’s kittens have arrived

Aoife gave birth last Sunday, and she had 7 kittens in less than three hours.  Sadly one was stillborn, but the six live kittens are doing very well.  She has a Havana, a chocolate tabby, a lilac tabby and 3

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Kittens are due in June

To my great delight both Aoife and Eadlin are pregnant, many thanks to Josh, Hamish and Jac.  If all continues to go well Aoife is due 15th June, and Eadlin a few days later. Between them there are lots of

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