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Looking for our forever home…

All our brothers and sisters have their homes, we are still looking.  We are a Havana girl and a Lilac boy and as you can see from our photos we are incredibly cute!

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All bar one of Aoife’s and Eadlin’s kittens were neutered today.  One of the boys wasn’t done as his testicles had hidden when the vet checked him this morning.  I fed them at 3:30am, took them along for 10am and

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Aoife’s kittens update

Aoife’s kittens went to the vets again for their second vaccinations, all seems well.  They have also been booked in for a wee operation next week… The chocolate tabby and one of the oriental lilacs have homes, the Havana and

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First Vaccinations

Both Aoife’s and Eadlin’s kittens have had their first vet-check and vaccination, and all is well.  They are now looking for their new homes.

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Looking for our new homes…

Time flies, and Aoife’s boys are starting to look for their new homes.  There is a Havana, a chocolate tabby, a lilac tabby and two Oriental Lilacs.  The Oriental Lilac girl (green collar) might be staying. They will be regisered,

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Aren’t they lovely when they are asleep?

Aoife’s kittens are getting pretty adventurous and active now when they are awake, so it’s hard to get photos except when they are sleeping. One of them was meowing at the screen door last night as I went to bed,

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Update on Aoife’s and Eadlin’s kittens

Aoife’s kittens are going from strength to strength and have gained weight really well over the past week.  They are starting to explore which horrifies her!  Below are the final set of ‘scales’ photos. I’ve not said much at all about

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Aoife’s kittens are 3 weeks old

And they are large to massive!  Aoife continues to be a fab mum and is eating a vast amount.

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Aoife’s kittens are starting to get mobile…

I’ve folded back the flaps on Aoife’s box, and can see that her kittens are starting to wobble around, tails held out stiffly for balance.  I’ve spotted a couple of them peering over the edge as well, so they are

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Aoife’s kittens are 2 weeks old

And they are lovely chubby kittens.  Aoife is clearly a great mum with lots of milk, just like her mother Lola.  She has three Oriental Lilacs, a Havana, a chocolate tabby and a lilac tabby.  I have no idea what

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