Eadlin – GRCH Shunra Fawntasia

Eadlin is Lola’s daughter and as her name suggests she is a Fawn, and has had an excellent show career as a kitten and as an adult.  She is one of very few Fawn Orientals who are a GCCF Grand Champion (possibly the 3rd), and has one Imperial GRCC and one Reserve IGRCC.  She had some lovely kittens in 2015 and was an excellent mother – she was looking for them for several days after the last one left, poor girl.

GR CH Shunra Fawntasia

GR CH Shunra Fawntasia at the 2015 Cumberland show

Eadlin’s pedigree

Tia – Shunra Bronze-Madonna

Tia is Aoife’s daughter and is incredibly confident and outgoing – everyone noticed when they visited to see her litter mates.  She is a beautiful rich correct colour for a Havana, just as the breed standard requests: “Rich warm chestnut brown.  Not dark or cold toned.”  The photo taken in the garden doesn’t quite show the richness but you can see she’s not dark.  She’s only a kitten at present but I hope she will have her first litter in 2017.

Eadlin adores her and thinks she is her kitten!

Tia - Shunra Bronze-Madonna

Tia – Shunra Bronze-Madonna

Tia’s pedigree

Aoife – Shunra Phawntasm

Aoife is another of Lola’s daughters and is another Fawn.  She is very shy so hasn’t been shown, but she was an excellent mother and had lovely kittens in 2015 who were much more outgoing than she is.  This photo doesn’t do her coat & eye colour justice.

Aoife was neutered and rehomed to Lindsey in July 2016.

Aoife in September 2015

Aoife in September 2015

Aoife’s pedigree

Lola – Kyomi Shunra Primadonna

My foundation queen was Lola, a Blue Oriental, pedigree name Kyomi Shunra Primadonna.   She carried Siamese and cinnamon, and was born on the 21st March 2012.

Lola was neutered and rehomed to Sheila in July 2014.

Lola’s pedigree

Here are some photos of her as a kitten.

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