Other Cats

Over the years I have been owned by several cats, so rather than do one huge long page, here they all are with their own pages.

Sadly most of these cats have passed on.

Sooty & Sparky, my first two cats.  I got them in 1992.

George, son of Sparky born in 1993.

Oscar, a rescue from the West Riding Pet Cat Club

Janice & Billy, pedigree Asians from Vervain I brought them in 1997

Rufus, another West Riding Pet Cat Club rescue.  I got him in December 1999 age 3 1/2.

Errol, a pedigree Havana and my Millenium kitty.

Max and Minnie, my Oriental blacks who arrived in October 2007.

Jasmine who I fostered in 2011

Bennie who was Lola’s litter mate.   Come 2018 he was getting bullied, so is now living with Steve.