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Time for a wee show brag…

Eadlin (GRCH Shunra Fawntasia) has been to a couple of shows recently, the Cumberland on the 10th October and the Yorkshire on the 14th December, and got a Reserve Imperial Grand Certificate at the Cumberland, and the actual IGRCC at

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GR CH Shunra Fawntasia

Subject to GCCF ratification Eadlin is now a Grand Champion having been awarded her 3rd GCC by Grace Denny at the Cumberland Show on the 11th October.  I believe she is the 3rd Fawn Oriental to achieve this title.

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Another good show

Took Eadlin to the Edinburgh & East of Scotland Cat Club Show in Leith yesterday, and was very pleased to see her get her first Grand certificate, plus 1st of 2 in AC Oriental Adult, 1st of 3 in AV

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Max – a wee show boast

Max went to the Edinburgh & East of Scotland show yesterday, and to my delight he got another Master Cat certificate and Best of Colour.  He behaved pretty well all day despite it being very, very warm in the afternoon.

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Errol’s Show Results added

I’ve added some of Errol’s show results. It’s not complete, it might never be complete as that would involve a lot of trawling of old copies of ‘Our Cats’…. But he did better than I remembered!

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