About Me

My cats are first and foremost companion animals, and live in the house not in a cattery in the garden.  As the garden is escape-proof, they come and go into it as they wish, and save me from all sorts of terrors.  The bogey man doesn’t get me at night,  dangerous loo rolls, paper tissues and empty cardboard boxes are torn and chewed into submission and I can’t get a bad back from lounging on the sofa…

I have been owned by cats since 1992 when I got my first two moggies Sooty & Sparky.  I let Sparky have one litter before neutering her.  Thankfully all went well the whole way through and she had three adorable kittens.  I kept the black & white boy, George.

I got my first two pedigree kittens in the late 90s.  They were Billy (caramel self Asian) and Janice (brown smoke Asian) who were born a day apart in different litters, but their mums raised them as one large shared litter.

At the time I belonged to the sadly now defunct West Riding Pet Cat Club, and one of their shows saw the most handsome red tabby male, Rufus.  I didn’t have a carrier with me so went home to get one, and he came to live with me.  I didn’t realise at the time but he was a fairly traumatised lad, and never really settled in until George was pts, but he then became a wonderful cat.

I was at a show with a household pet, and saw a very handsome Havana asleep in his cage.  That was it – I went looking for a Havana kitten and ended up getting Errol in 2000.  He was a wonderful cat so long as you weren’t small with fur or feathers, or another cat.  Sadly I lost him when he was only 7.

Life was far too empty and far too quiet without him, so Max and Minnie came along a few weeks later.  They are Oriental Blacks.

Breeding Orientals and Siamese is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and the time was finally right.  My old cat Rufus was pts in December 2011 at a good age, 15 1/2, and by then I lived in a large enough house with a cat-proof garden.

On 1st July 2012 I brought Lola (Oriental blue) home, along with Benny her brother (caramel-point Siamese).   Sadly it gradually became evident that there was no way Minnie would tolerate Lola, so I eventually rehomed Minnie through the Oriental Cat Welfare Trust.

Lola had her first litter almost exactly a year later on 2nd July 2013.  There were 5 boys and 1 girl.  I called the girl Eadlin and she is now a breeding queen, and a Grand Champion with a couple of Imperial certificates.  The boys all got lovely homes.  Lola had her second litter in 2014 and there was another fawn girl to keep, Aoife.  She is very shy so I’ve not shown her.

Eadlin and Aoife both had their first litters a few days apart in July 2014.  Eadlin ended up with 4 girls and Aoife with 4 boys!  All the kittens went to super pet homes.

Bullying raised it’s head again, this time Eadlin bullying Lola so since she had given me two lovely girls she went to live with Sheila.  Unfortunately Eadlin then turned her attentions to Aoife.  By then Aoife had had a second litter, of 6 kittens this time, and it included a lovely Havana girl Tia, so I kept Tia and Aoife went to live with Lindsay.

Basil came on Valentines Day 2017, and he and Tia have produced one litter. At present he’s got a Suprelorin chip so is not ‘working’, but there will be more kittens from him when it wears off.

Unfortunately Basil & Eadlin started picking on Benny especially when he managed to injure a leg early on in 2018, so he has gone to live with Steve. He’s a very shy boy and it’s taking time, but he is gradually settling in.

So currently I have four cats – Max, Eadlin, Tia and Basil.