No kittens at present

Sorry I have no kittens at present, nor any on their way.  It takes kittens at least 23 weeks from conception to being ready to leave, so the very earliest any might be leaving is April 2019.

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Photo-fest 31st July 2013

Stumbled across this unpublished but (I think) rather charming post.  Enjoy!

Of course I couldn’t stop at just a set of scales photos!  They are getting to much more active and playful that I kept on clicking, and ended up with almost 70 photos to sort through!  These are the best of them.  It’s also the first time I’ve seen Lola nursing them out of the pen, and she looks overwhelmed by a mountain of kittens!

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Too late!

If you were interested in one of us very sorry but you are too late.

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What Brave Boys we are!

We have all had a visit to Auntie Claire this morning and something is, err, different…  We were dead hungry when we went as well.  But she told us we were all very brave and beautiful.  Just in case you forgot what we look like, here’s another photo of us.

PS that’s Fionn and Fergus at the front, left to right, and Faolan and Flight at the back.


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Tia and Basil have kittens

Tia and Basil are the proud parents of their first litter.  All are boys and there are two fawns, a lilac and a Havana.  One of the fawns is booked.  They should be ready to leave from Thursday 8th March.  They will be GCCF registered, vaccinated, wormed and neutered and will come with a kitten pack and a few weeks free insurance and of course my ongoing love for and interest in them.

Please contact me if you are interested.  Remember I am in Fife, Scotland!

Tia and kittens, 21st January

Basil, proud father

On the prowl…

He’s in a hurry

We like furry toys!

Keeping Clean…

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Welcome Tia, farewell Aoife

Tia - Shunra Bronze-Madonna

Tia – Shunra Bronze-Madonna

The Havana kitten I kept from Aoife’s litter finally has both her pet & pedigree names.  Her pet name is Tia, her pedigree name is Shunra Bronze-Idol.




Aoife - Shunra Fawntasm

Aoife – Shunra Fawntasm

Sadly Eadlin is bullying Aoife, so I’m looking for a new home for her – no other pets, no small children, quiet, ideally with a secure garden.  She is a lovely girl and a great mother, I shall be sorry to see her go but she will be much happier as an only pet.

The sun was shining through the window and reflecting back off a pine chest of drawers hence the rather strange colour for a fawn!



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We all have homes!

I’m delighted that all the kittens now have homes to go to.

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Kittens doing well

All Aoife’s kittens are doing very well.  They have been eating for a couple of weeks and the amount they are eating is shooting up – so are they!  They are also doing pretty well with the litter trays, and are turning into wee acrobats quite happy to climb head-first down as well as up!

One of the Havana girls is staying, and the other Havana girl and the chocolate tabby boy have homes to go to.  He will be doing to live with one of Aoife’s lilac kittens from last year.

It also looks like I have homes for the last three which will be fantastic.

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Aoife’s kittens are doing well

Aoife has continued to be super-protective, but also a super-mum.  Her kittens are gaining weight well, and at 2 1/2 weeks old are busy getting ready to start exploring and making trouble.  When I got a proper look at them I found I have two chocolate tabbys (1 boy 1 girl), 1 lilac tabby (boy) and 3 Havanas (1 boy, 2 girls).  One of the Havana girls is probably staying.

I have managed to get some decent photos of them using a tiny photo set constructed from a cardboard box and a show pad.  Enjoy!

Chocolate tabby - girl

Chocolate tabby – girl

Havana - girl

Havana – girl

Havana - boy

Havana – boy

Havana - girl

Havana – girl

Lilac tabby - boy

Lilac tabby – boy

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Aoife’s kittens have arrived

Aoife's kittens, 2 days old

Aoife’s kittens, 2 days old

Aoife had 6 kittens on Monday morning – the 14th March.  So far as I can tell all are doing well, but she is being so super-protective I can’t take much of a look.  I also have no idea what sexes they are at present!

She looks to have 3 Havanas, 1 Oriental Lilac and 2 Lilac Tabbies.

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